Half Marathon 2016

Orroroo Half Marathon Poster 20162016The Orroroo Half Marathon will be run in 2016 on Sunday 20th March, (the week before Easter), starting in the Main Street of Orroroo adjacent to the Orroroo Town Hall.

The starting times are 8am for the 21Km Walk, 9am for the 21Km Run, 9:15 for the 10Km Walk and Run & 9:30am for the 5Km Walk and Run.

Pre-registration will be required for the 21Km and 10Km events, and would be preferable for the 5Km also, however, if you want to register on the day, you will only be able to take part in the 5Km event.

There will be the usual BBQ all morning, and the local businesses will be open for coffee, snacks, gifts and browsing for family and friends who accompany the runners!

Attached is a Registration Form and Half Marathon Poster for your information.
Please feel free to copy off the poster and promote to your local community or running groups.

The Orroroo Community Gym welcomes you to participate in the ninth Orroroo Half Marathon!

Registration Form 2016