Luke Tapscott heading to Melbourne

Orroroo local Luke Tapscott and his best mate Jack Trengove both studying the last couple of years at PAC, will begin their AFL careers together in Melbourne at Melbourne FC.

Luke has created a reputation for himself at North Adelaide. Picked in last night’s AFL draft, Luke’s pretty pleased that he’s been snapped up. If the footy blogs are anything to go by, there are plenty of  pleased Demons supporters and a few disappointed rivals.

A cause for celebration in Orroroo the pub was jumping during the draft. One of the local kids, Amelia, daughter of one of Luke’s early football mentors, Justin Duffy, reporting to me that everyone was at the ‘campdraft’.

“Carrieton Campdraft?” I asked, puzzled, “That was a few weeks ago”.

“Draft?, draft?, Oh, AFL draft“, she laughed.

Well the laughter and partying went on into the night over at the Tapscott’s place, I guess Luke had a few of his old Orroroo mates around as well as family and other well-wishers. And we all do wish him well.

Well done Jeff and Joylene; though for parents, interstate is always a long way away!

Congratulations Luke! Better get used to Mexican food!


  1. Bet and Paul Gillard on 07/12/2009 at 5:59 pm

    We often look in on Orroroo and its great to see a lot of positives. Once upon a time we knew a fine young boy , heading off to Melbourne ah Luke , what a ripper. Good luck to all @Home.

  2. emily on 28/11/2009 at 10:52 am

    great work Luke!!!

    wish you luck

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