About this website

Here we go again!

Many years ago, when the Internet was a bit of a buzz word and not many people had access to it, Orroroo had www.orroroo.com, yes our tiny town led the way.

Council minutes were published, infant tourism enterprises had a presence, people even had a forum that they actually used and took an interest in. It faded away and was lost in the whirlwind of happenings and changes.

Some said [of the Internet], “It’ll never catch on”, others had faith and persevered. And look what has happened, a new generation of kids have been born that have never known a world without the big “I”.

Now, with world-wide, instant access to almost anything, a plethora of social and business networks to choose from and even broadband in Orroroo! (well, sort of)……Yes www.orroroo.com is back. (Albiet re-branded as www.orroroo.com.au)

Let’s see if the old can be new again. Let’s see if the town that led the Internet rally, still has a use for a local website or can find new uses for one.

If you want to contribute, sign up, directly on the site or using your favourite social media login. (10 years ago THAT would have got a few blank stares!)