About this website

Here we go again!

Many years ago, when the Internet was a bit of a buzz word and not many people had access to it, Orroroo had www.orroroo.com, yes our tiny town led the way.

Council minutes were published, infant tourism enterprises had a presence, people even had a forum that they actually used and took an interest in. It faded away and was lost in the whirlwind of happenings and changes.

Some said [of the Internet], “It’ll never catch on”, others had faith and persevered. And look what has happened, a new generation of kids have been born that have never known a world without the big “I”.

Now, with world-wide, instant access to almost anything, a plethora of social and business networks to choose from and even broadband in Orroroo! (well, sort of)……Yes www.orroroo.com is back. (Albiet re-branded as www.orroroo.com.au)